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Anime Cosplay Contest!



Join the contest and win great prizes! 

Participants will compete for awards based on two categories:

  1. CRAFTSMANSHIP – Quality and accuracy of the costume. Contestants will need to bring a reference photo to leave with the judges. Work-in-progress photos are always recommended.

  2. PRESENTATION – Stage presence and costume appearance during the walk-on of the Cosplay Contest event.


Anime Cosplay Prizes

Anime Cosplay Contest Rules!

- Mog Station attire/use of mod are prohibited.
- Respect and be mature to other contestants and judges.
- Cosplay can be changed to a different theme for ONCE during the contest/after registration.
- By participating in any cosplay competition at Furusato, you authorize the convention to take your photograph. The judges and staff may be used this photograph for reference when determining a winner or for promotional use by the convention. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Furusato staff.


I want to join the contest!

Thanks for participating! Good Luck!

This contest is no longer accepts additional contestants.

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Opening Hours

​Sunday: 10 pm GTM +8



Ward 4, Plot 19

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